Shipping cost

The table below shows the shipping cost for europe and the rest of the world, categorized by weight.

Unfortunately, the postal system in scandinavia does not offer tracking on letters and small parcels.

Thickness under 20mm:
20 grams3.10 USD3.90 USD
50 grams3.73 USD4.50 USD
100 grams4.19 USD4.82 USD
350 grams5.62 USD6.05 USD
1000 grams12.08 USD15.88 USD
2000 grams20.83 USD28.45 USD
Thickness under 70mm:
350 grams4.75 USD5.49 USD
1000 grams14.34 USD14.94 USD
2000 grams21.79 USD29.90 USD
Thickness under 150mm:
350 grams14.17 USD19.49 USD
1000 grams22.93 USD31.48 USD
2000 grams29.58 USD40.41 USD

To see the actual shipping cost, go to the shopping cart. The 'shipping to' is automatically populated based on the geo-location of your IP address.