VTX Switch and LC filter adapter - SWLC-01

Released: February 2015 - rev1

Want an easy way to turn off the video transmitter when testing or setting up the aircraft? This small adapter fits between the power source and VTX. It also filters the power to remove noise and video lines.

This is a single adapter, no cables included. Breakout solder pads for all pins to connect/splice into any VTX cable.




  • Easily turn on/off the video transmitter (VTX)
  • Filters power to remove noise and lines
  • Solder pads for custom wire looms
  • Jumper pads to permanently lock switch to on
  • Supports Lawmate, Team BlackSheep (TBS) and similar JST-SH/Molex PicoBlade VTX


  • Product ID: SWLC-01
  • Revision: Rev. 1 February 2015
  • Video transmitter: Lawmate 2G4, TBS Unify, TBS Boss, TBS Greenhorn, TBS Rookie
  • Connector types: Molex PicoBlade 1.25, JST-SH Micro 1.00 4-pin
  • Input volage: 25V max. 1-4S
  • Current rating: 0.85A
  • Weight: 3 grams
In stockPrice: 15.00 USD
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