RAGE PRO Power Distribution Board Kit - RAGE-PRO

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Released: April 2016

The RAGE series is a small and high performance power distribution board for multirotors. Great for high speed racers, as well as large gimbal enabled quad- and hexacopters. The mounting kit makes it super easy install on your multirotor and large soldering pads on both sides can accommodate thick cables to deliver power to your ESCs and FPV gear.

What makes this PDB special, is that the positive and negative plane is dedicated to each side of the board. This allows for direct power distribution to the ESCs - compared to a more traditional PDB where the traces are narrow and load spread across multiple holes/vias. This minimizes the power loss (drop) on punch-outs in critical situations and delivers the required power to the motors.

There are two pads on each sides for soldering the battery leads (XT60 lead included) and six pads for the ESC leads. You can even connect two battery packs in parallel by soldering two battery connectors to the board. Additional auxilary power (for BEC, VTX or PSU) can be tapped into via two soldering pads and two pin headers (included) for male JST-cables (e.g. LC filters, LEDs, buzzers, relays).

Direct drop-in for any multirotor with 36x36mm mounting pattern, e.g. Lumenier QAV-R/XL, QAV180, QAV210, QAV250, XHover MXP180, MXP230, MXP300, MXP220, ZMR 250, Krieger 220 X, 225 X, Blackout Super Spider Hex, Blackout Mini Spider, Blackout Super Mini H, Blackout 330, Blackout 360, Blackout Mini H


  • Made for high performance quadcopters and hexacopters
  • Supports thick 12AWG ESC and battery cables
  • Simple and clean installation
  • Small and compact 36x36mm form factor (e.g. NAZE, OpenPilot, KISS FC, etc.)
  • Silver surface finish, easy to solder to
  • Auxilary pads and pin headers available for FPV gear
  • Thick 2 oz. copper for high current handling capability
  • Option to connect two battery connectors to the board
  • Nylon mounting set and XT60 battery lead included in kit


  • Product ID: RAGE-PRO
  • Power inputs: 2x battery lead ports
  • Power outputs: 6x ESC ports, 4x aux. ports
  • Supported platforms: tri-, quad- and hexacopters
  • Continuous load: >30A per ESC
  • Peak current (10s): 200A
  • Copper thickness: 2 oz.
  • Mounting pattern: 30.5 x 30.5 mm
  • Hole size: 3 mm
  • Board size: 36 x 36 x 1.6 mm
  • Mounting set: Nylon M3 standoffs, nuts and screws
  • Contents: RAGE PDB, XT60 14AWG 10cm battery leader, 2x Angled pin headers, 4x Nylon M3x6 standoffs, 4x Nylon M3 nuts, 4x Nylon M3x6 screws
  • Weight: 12 grams incl. standoffs and pin headers
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