QAV-R 18xx-class Arm Bumper - QAVR-BUMPER-18XX

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Released: March 2016

Want to add a protective bumper to the end of the QAV-R arms? This protector fits 18xx-class motors and protects both the arm and motor from impacts and debris. The arms are normally the first point of impact in a crash and the motor shaft rod can easily be bent. In serious impacts the end of the carbon fiber arms can delaminate.

The height of the bumper protects 1804 to 1808 size motors. It follows the shape of existing bumper on arm and makes for an aerodynamic shape. The mounting pattern is the exact same as the one on the arm.

The kits includes 4 bumpers and all the necessary 16 M2x8 hex socket head screws and washers for proper mounting.

Note: This product is 3D printed and will have minor insignificant extrusion lines/defects.


  • Protects the arm and motor in an event of a impact/crash
  • Aerodynamic shape to protect 18xx-class motors
  • Tight fit around the arm
  • Includes all required screws


  • Product ID: QAVR-BUMPER-18XX
  • Revision: March 2016
  • Platform: Lumenier QAV-R/RaceBlade 4 to 6-inch arms
  • Mounting: Underside of arm, 16x M2x8mm screws and washer
  • Clearance: 1mm around motor
  • Material: ABS thermoplastic
  • Weight: 16 grams
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In stockPrice: 14.00 USD
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