QAV250 Landing Gear - QAV250-LANDGEAR

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Want to improve the QAV250 landing gear? This is a new improved model which keeps the landing gear in place even when hitting something hard or sliding along the ground.

It is designed for the G10 model but works great with the CF model too, except it could rotate since there are no walls from keeping it aligned.

Note: This product is 3D printed and will have minor insignificant extrusion lines/defects.


  • Rounded tips allows for sliding and rough landings
  • Locking screws keeps the landing gear in place
  • Designed in the same style as the frame


  • Product ID: QAV250-LANDGEAR
  • Revision: Rev. 2 January 2015
  • Platform: QAV210/QAV250 quadcopter
  • Mounting screws: M3 10mm, locking nut included
  • Material: ABS thermoplastic
  • Weight: 13.5 grams incl. screws (4x)
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In stockPrice: 14.00 USD
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