QAV250 GoPro Tilt Platform - QAV250-GOPROTILT

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Released: June 2015

Want to tilt the GoPro slightly up for better viewing? This platform angles the GoPro up 15° (recommended), 20° or 25° (juz style).

Holes on both the front and sides allow for velcro straps to secure the GoPro in all four directions. Two stubs on the back stops it from sliding back and a hook on the back holds the platform down after installation. It is mounted using the existing M3 screws on the top deck.

Developed in cooperation with Juz from Lumenier.

Note: This product is 3D printed and will have minor insignificant extrusion lines/defects.


  • Tilts the GoPro angle up slightly for improved viewing during fast forward flight
  • Mounting holes on front and sides for velcro straps (not included)
  • Light-weight but strong to survive crashes
  • Hook on the back keeps the platform secure
  • Supports GoPro 3, 3+ and 4
  • Different angles available to suite multiple angles/styles


  • Product ID: QAV250-GOPROTILT
  • Platform: QAV250 quadcopter
  • Support: GoPro 3, 3+, 4
  • Tilt angle: 15°, 20° and 25° degrees
  • Strap size: sides 16mm, front 22mm
  • Mounting screws: Uses existing M3 screws on the QAV250 top plate
  • Material: ABS thermoplastic
  • Weight: 10.0 grams
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In stockPrice: 11.00 USD
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