RSSI PWM-to-Analog RC Filter Adapter - PWM-ANA

Need to convert a digital RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) signal to an analog voltage or is the frequency too high for your OSD? This adapter plugs between the two ports, takes the digital signal and outputs an analog voltage which is averaged over time.

This adapter is needed where a receiving device (e.g. OSD or telemetry unit) only can accept an analog voltage. It also helps to smoothen out a high frequency RSSI signal.

Plug the cable-end into the R/C receiver (e.g. EzUHF, Futaba, FrSky) and the pin header-end into an extension cable or directly into the input device.


  • Product ID: PAC-01
  • Lowest PWM frequency: 3.4 Hz
  • Input power: pass-through
  • Max. signal amplitude: 6Vp-p
In stockPrice: 12.00 USD
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