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Released: December 2016

The TBS POWERCUBE is a very compact and intricate piece of FPV gear, but it is not very well protected against dust or debris flying through or impacting the stack. This case provides a layer of protection. It also prevents accidental short-circuts between the positive and negative corners.

This casing is specially designed to cover a dual stack PowerCube - with or without the plastic isolator plate. Supports both the normal DCDC layer and the new FPVision VTX/OSD/DCDC combined layer configuration. All the connectors are made available via slots and cut-outs on all four sides. Huge openings on the left and right ESC sides allow sufficient airflow through to cool the transistors. Airflow is also ensured for the lower DC-DC board with extra cut-outs.

It snaps easily in place for a good snug fit, no screws or adhesive necessary. The top side is reinforced to prevent bending and deformation. BOOT-button on Colibri FC board is accessible.

Compatible with all frames which use the 36 x 36mm mounting pattern with a minimum required height clearance of 15mm. The QAV-R/XL has special frame layout which require two longer M3x14 replacement screws to properly mount the PowerCube (see kit options below).

PowerCube frame mounting:

Frame Screws required
3mm2x M3x8mm
4mm2x M3x8mm
QAV-R/XL2x M3x14mm and reversed nut bracket

Note: This product is 3D printed and will have minor insignificant extrusion lines/defects.


  • Includes cut-out for the status LEDs
  • Protects the stack against dust and flying debris
  • Snaps easily in place
  • Designed with airflow in mind
  • Light-weight and strong


  • Revision: December 2016
  • Platform: Two layer TBS PowerCube stack, normal DCDC or FPVision VTX/OSD/DCDC configuration
  • Mounting: Snaps on top of device - four bumps
  • Clearance height: minimum 15mm required
  • Material: ABS thermoplastic
  • Weight: 4 grams
Options Mounting:
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