MATE X E-bike Rear Fender Holder - MATEX-FNDR

The stock MATE X e-bike rear fender (if ordered) is far from properly mounted. This kit stabilizes the fender by using two new holders and a correctly fitted spacer.

On each side of the fender, a designated holder clicks on place over the rear frame bar. This holds the edge of the fender from moving side-to-side. A spacer fits betwen the frame and the fender mounting tab, so the fender-tab stays at a right angle.

Instructions: Start by loosening the top fender screw, place the spacer betwen the fender and frame, add the heatshrink-tubing/tape over the holder, mask off the frame bars with tape to avoid scratches, click each designated "L" and "R" holder in place over the frame bar, press down on the fender while fastening the top fender screw. The fender should now be installed firmly, no wobble or play on either side.


  • Correctly mounts the rear fender
  • Stabilizes fender motion
  • Works also if rack is not installed
  • Quiet fender riding
  • Includes mounting spacer


  • Product ID: MATEX-FND-KIT
  • Revision: December 2019
  • Type: Rear fender holder
  • Conents: 2x Rear fender holders, 1x fender mounting spacer, 2x fender screws, washers, and spring washers
  • Weight: 25 grams
In stockPrice: 14.00 USD
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