MATE X E-bike Noise Dampening Kit - MATEX-DAMP

While riding the stock MATE X e-bike, it makes a lot of rattling and slamming noises going over curbs and uneven surfaces. This dampening kit fixes all of this.

The kit includes several correctly sized soft EVA foam strips with an adhesive backing. These go on to the frame where the chain impacts the lower frame bar, on the top and bottom of the battery, and on both sides of the kick-stand leg. It all helps reduce metal-to-metal contact which becomes bothersome quite fast.

This fixes the majority of the noise made while riding the bike. Finally you can silence your MATE!

Application instructions:

  • Chain: Change gear to first, then clean the lower rear frame bar with cleaning alcohol, start by applying the strip from the back near the derailleur.
  • Battery: Remove the battery from the bay, apply two strips on the front bottom end and two strips on the rear top end (looking at it when it is installed on the bike.) Some bikes have different tolerances and might not need any foam, while others might need two application layers.
  • Kick-stand: Clean the inner portion, "armpit", of the kick-stand leg where the leg hits when folded, apply two short strips on either side of the kick-stand leg to dampen any noise when parking and while riding.


  • Dampens noisy chain, battery, and kick-stand motion
  • Pre-cut strips for easy direct application
  • Sliences your MATE!


  • Product ID: MATEX-DMP-KIT
  • Revision: December 2019
  • Type: Soft EVA foam strips
  • Contents: 1x Chain strip, 6x battery strips, 2x kick-stand strips
  • Weight: 12 grams
In stockPrice: 8.00 USD
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