No-noise Linear 4S 12V 200mA Regulator - LR-4S12V

Want a super-clean no-noise no-EMI no-ripple linear 12V power supply for your 4S setup? This filtered linear DC voltage regulator is perfect for 13.6-16.8V (4S) systems where you want to drive a 12V camera or video transmitter. It eliminates any noise or ripples which is normally associated with switching regulators. There is an input LC filter to attenuate any noise coming from a shared battery setup.

The board comes pre-soldered with 5cm JST-connectors for easy setup or re-wire. The cables and compoments are neatly protected by heat-shrink. The cables are also strain-relieved to avert stresses on the soldering joints.

The maximum guaranteed current allowed by the thermal envelope of the regulator is 200mA at 25°C. Exceeding this limit will cause the thermal overload protection to temporarily shut down the regulator.


  • Product ID: LR-4S12V
  • Revision: Rev3 Oct 2013
  • Type: filtered linear power regulator
  • Maximum voltage: 16.8V DC
  • Minimum voltage: 13.6V DC
  • Maximum current: 200mA (0.2A) at 25C degrees
  • Filter: Low-pass LC filter
  • Wire / trace thickness: twisted 22 AWG / 32 mils
  • Dimensions: 15.98 L x 41.42 W x 8.2 H mm
  • Weight: 11 grams (inc. JST connectors)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Designed and made in Europe
In stockPrice: 17.00 USD
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