FPV Light Bar - LED Strip - FPV-LIGHTBAR

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Released: November 2015

Want to get noticed when you whizz by someone or need to be distinguised in a race? This is a 16 RGB LED strip with an adhesive backing to make it easy to attached to any surface. You can change the color of the lights with a button on the controller board. Over 10+ different colors and sequences are preprogrammed.

The LED strip is flexible and can be bend to fit any frame. The controller board is protected against bumps and crashes by a transparent heat-shrink tube. It connects easily to any +5V receiver port using a regular servo-connector (only the power and ground is used on the cable).

Note: The maximum input voltage is 5.3V and works best when connected to a 5V BEC or ESC

If you connect the light bar to a R/C receiver, the BEC/ESC must be capable of delivering 960 mA on top of the normal load from the receiver, flight controller, servos, etc.

Bonus: there is an option to add an ADXL345 accelerometer to make the LEDs turn to a different color when the multirotor tilts, e.g. when you slow down or accelerated.

The default LED sequence - cycled by pressing the button:


  • Super bright lights to illuminate the surrudings and getting noticed
  • Easily switch between over 10 different colors and blink sequences
  • Connects easily to an existing R/C setup - directly to the receiver
  • Protected against crashes and bumps


  • Product ID: FPV-LIGHBAR
  • Revision: November 2015
  • Lights: 16 RGB LEDs
  • Input voltage: 3.5 to 5.3V
  • Max load current: 960mA
  • Modes: 12 sequences
  • Connector: 3-pin servo connector (only power+gnd used)
Options Accelerometer:
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