FUSION FPV Power Supply Kit - 5V/12V - FPSU-01

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Released: July 2016

Ever needed a compact power regulator for your FPV setup? This unit provides 5V and/or 12V to a video transmitter and pilot camera. Video and audio is also connected pass-through for hassle-free setup and simplified wiring. Locking JST connectors makes sure the cables stays in place during flight. Built-in multi-stage LC filtering means no noise or ripple can enter or exit the power supply.

Based on the latest swchinging-mode technology, ensures good efficiency and small size. It can easily power power a 500mW VTX and FPV flight camera. In case of temperature- or current overload, the controller quickly restarts allowing you to land safely.

On the back of the unit you solder two jumpers to pick output voltage to the VTX and CAM respectively (defaults to 5V VTX, 12V CAM). The kit comes with with 6 cables to accommodate almost any setup right out-of-the-box. An extra steel RF-shield minimizes EMI raditation and makes this perfect for long range and UHF setups, and at the same time protects the components from impacts and damage.


  • Compact and simple FPV power supply for a video transmitter and pilot camera
  • Two ports to connect up VTX and CAM, includes video and audio pass-through
  • Individually selection jumper provides 5V or 12V for the CAM and VTX ports
  • Switch-mode regulation ensures >89% efficiency
  • Provided cables for quick and easy setup (TBS, IMRC, Lumenier and similar gear)
  • Secure plug&play connectors
  • RF shielding protects and minimizes EMI noise, UHF friendly
  • LED lights indicate proper operation


  • Product ID: FPSU-01
  • Input voltage: 7.0V to 17.2V - 2S to 4S compatible
  • Output voltages: 5V, 12V
  • Output current: max. 1.4A at 5V, max. 0.4A (400mA) at 12V - minimum airflow required
  • Output power: 9.2W total (5V+12V), continuous at 25°C
  • Regulators: switching-mode power supply
  • Efficiency: >89%
  • Protection: short-circuit-, overload- and temperature-protection
  • Dimensions: L42.30 x W28.10 x H6.40 mm
  • Weight: 20 grams
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