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Released: November 2015

Want a small and simple light for your night table or living room? This is a tilt-activated dual LED light board that you can attach to the inside of a jar lid or glass mug (perfectly diffuses the light). Two bright InGaN-based LEDs will keep you powered continuous for over 12 hours on a single CR2032 Lithium coin cell battery - or 24 hours if you disable one LED via the provided jumper-pads.

The FlipLight comes as a kit and is perfect for as a little soldering project. Give them away as throwies or gifts at parties. If you prefer a pre-assembled board, that is available too.


  • Simple design and low parts count
  • Dual bright white LEDs for illuminating the immediate surroudings
  • Activated by flipping it up-side-down - tilt-activated
  • Over 12 hour continuous use on a single coin cell battery
  • Easy to change the CR2032 battery
  • Small solder-bridge to disable one LED for doubling the operating time
  • Comes with adhesive 3M pad for mounting to any surface
  • Fits most jars and glass mugs
  • Quick to assembly (soldering required), pre-assembled available


  • Product ID: FLIPLIGHT
  • Revision: November 2015
  • Lights: 2x InGaN white clear untinted plastic case LEDs
  • Operating voltage: 3.0V
  • Battery: CR2032 or 2x CR2016
  • Load current: approx. 20mA
  • Angle of half intensity: ±10°
  • Contents: 1x PCB board, 1x CR2032 battery holder, 1x tilt switch, 2x white LEDs, 1x CR2032 coin cell battery
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In stockPrice: 8.00 USD
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