TBS Caipirinha II Motor Mount - CAIPI2-MOTORMOUNT

Need a stronger and easier to install motor moubt for the CAIPIRINHA II? This mount is optimized to easily slide into the rear of the wing to provide a strong and rigid connection piece. No need to glue or risk of the wooden pieces to break.

The design of the motor mount also fixes the loose and rattling lock of the top bay cover. It now stays in place securely.

To install the piece, use PU glue to make a good adhesive connection between the foam on the wing and the ABS plastic surface on the motor mount.

Note: This product is 3D printed and will have minor insignificant extrusion lines/defects.


  • One-piece motor mount
  • Fixes rattling and loose top cover lock
  • Easily slides in place in the rear of the wing
  • Provides strong mount for the brushless motor of any weight class


  • Released: February 2018
  • Platform: TBS Caipirinha 2 FPV delta wing
  • Motor mount: Any 2800-class 25x25 mm pattern motors
  • Material: ABS thermoplastic
  • Size:
  • Weight: 15 grams
In stockPrice: 17.00 USD
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