MATE X Nut Covers and Caps - MATEX-COVERS-CAPS

The stock MATE X e-bike only comes with a single motor wire cover and caps that falls off only looking at them. This kit includes all the covers and caps to protect the essential nuts and axle points on the bike.

It includes two front wheel nut covers, two mid-point pivot caps, and one rear wheel cover plus a special Bafang motor wire/wheel nut cover (other motor covers not available yet.)

This protects the threads from ingress of water, salt, dust and sand. Making future maintance a lot easier.


  • Protects the wheel nuts
  • Protects the mid pivot point
  • Easily snaps on and off, securely


  • Product ID: MATEX-CVR-SET
  • Revision: December 2019
  • Type: Protective covers and caps
  • Material: 3D-printed ABS
  • Contents: 2x Front wheel nut covers, 1x rear wheel nut cover, 1x rear Bafang motor wheel cover, 2x mid pivot point caps
  • Weight: XX grams
In stockPrice: 18.00 USD
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